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Cancellation Policy
Effective 5/15/07

99% of my customers are great! It is the 1% who thinks they can beat the system that has made the following policies necessary.

I have never intended to make money off of deposits and I never will.

Any deposit that is lost (other than a “No Show”) can be fully credited to your next trip. I can send you a certificate of deposit that you or anyone you choose can apply to a re-scheduled trip.

All trips will be held by a Credit Card Deposit.

If you book a trip with Reel Adventure Charters there will be a $50 deposit. Again this can be credited to your next trip if you need to cancel.

Once the trip is 14 days away or less you are subject to a 50 % deposit of that trip if you cancel during that time frame. We have already turned away other customers for that day.

If you book a trip and do not call to cancel AND do not show up on your scheduled day… you will be charged the full amount of the trip. This is a “No Show” and this CAN NOT be credited to any future trips.

All trips will be held on a credit card deposit. I can and will verify the card. I will no longer take out of town checks for a deposit or for payment of a trip.
(You can only imagine all the checks that were supposed to be sent that magically did not show up, not to mention the one that bounced.)

All trips will be booked over the phone. You can not book a trip by email.
This is for the safety of your credit card # and to also go over any questions you might have.

I do not take out of country customers unless they are in the U.S. and call and book me from the U.S. using a U.S. phone number. Too many internet scams out there right now.

If the weather is bad, I alone….. will make the call on the weather. If I have to cancel because of the weather you will receive a FULL refund and we can also try to reschedule the trip if possible. I will not risk you or your family’s safety.

If you book two or more boats the 14 day deposit and “No Show” deposit is for each boat, if you cancel both boats. If you only need to cancel one boat but still use the other boat this deposit is waived.

We are very laid back and would like to have NO policy’s….but business is business. I am a full time guide and when you book a trip and cancel it not only did I and my family lose income for that day but I was also prevented from using that day to earn other income because you had it already reserved.

Another way too look at this……..You and your family plan a trip to the Wilmington area to fish. You go through the process of reserving a hotel/condo, buying plane tickets or planning the road trip, getting some one to watch the dog, and researching and booking a fishing guide etc. You have a lot of time and money invested thus far to go fishing! Now you get here, it’s the day before your trip and I call you up and say…….I can’t take you “Something’s come up”…..How would you feel??
I can guarantee this will not happen on my end. I will hold up my end and I intend for my customers to hold up theirs!

So now…..If a TRUE emergency comes up please call me at 910-540-0570 we do have a heart and will work with you and we have done this in the past with many customers. Just be HONEST. We are sympathetic to your problems but the following excuses have been all used up….

  • Family Emergency (with vary vague details)
  • My buddy backed out. (No prob…he now owes you ½ the deposit!) YOU can still go!
  • The old classic…”Something’s come up”.
  • “I’m sick” which translates to “I’m on vacation and drank too much!”

Thanks for your help in this matter.






Reel Adventure Charters - Captain Matt Wirt - 910-540-0570
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