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Next Level Custom Rods

"Handcrafted by Capt. Matt Wirt"


For some years now, it seems that the popular fishing rod manufacturers have been able to convince anglers that their finished product is as good as it gets. Several years ago, many rod manufacturers were very active in promoting custom rod building, however it is obvious by how these same manufacturers have been marketing their finished products that they wish to lead anglers to believe that their rods cannot be improved upon. As most experienced rod builders already know, this is not the case at all, and in fact, it is refreshing to see that interest in custom rod building is again on the rise.

There are many reasons for considering a custom built rod. If you are serious about your fishing, then it certainly should be a top consideration. Although it is true that most rod manufacturers today do produce some great high quality rods, you simply cannot ignore the fact that they are made with the average angler in mind. Do you know who the average angler is? I sure don't! Taking a look at all of my fishing friends, not one of us is similar in size, casting style, or grip preference to name just a few variables. Yet, the rod manufacturers would want us to believe that their rods will match all of us perfectly.

When you decide to fish a custom built rod you are adding another dimension to your fishing. There is nothing quite like the thrill of making perfect casts, hooking and landing a fish on a rod that has been custom built for you. You don't have to depend upon whether some individual was having a good day at the factory or not when they wrapped the guides on your rod or if they chose the best pieces of cork for the rod grip. As well, you know that time was taken to ensure that the guides were placed on the rod for optimum performance and that the best quality components were used.

Another great reason for choosing a custom built rod is that you have so much choice as to what components you want on your rod! Perhaps you have found the rod that has the action that is perfect for you, but you're not satisfied with the type of guides, the quality of cork, the thread wraps or perhaps you want to move up to a better quality reel seat. You don't have this type of choice unless you decide on a custom rod. THIS IS THE EXACT REASON I BECAME A CUSTOM ROD BUILDER!

O.K., we know a custom rod offers a great deal of choice as far as components. What about catching fish? I was often asked whether or not a custom fishing rod will catch more fish than one bought off the rack. I would reply with a qualified "Yes!" For one thing, if you have confidence in the tools you are using, that confidence will be displayed in how you use them. If you know that your rod has been built right, that fact alone will give you an edge in your fishing. Further, when a rod has been built properly, it will be optimized for your casting style, and the components will have been placed on the rod in such a way that you are will experience a far greater degree of accuracy as well as much better fish fighting ability. Once the fish are hooked, a well built custom rod can provide tremendous advantages in fighting the fish and can help you control it better. This of course means less break offs and more landed fish! Not only will you catch more fish with a custom rod, your angling pleasure will certainly be heightened every moment you are on the water!


The Components

The Blank: The best blanks are sold for custom rod building. They are made from resin impregnated cloth wrapped around a mandrel, then cooled, whereby the mandrel is removed and the blank is precision sanded and a protective finish is applied. Then the blanks are graded with the best "saved" for the custom rod builder.

The Spine: This is the strongest side of a blank and is found through a series of stress tests performed by the custom rod maker. The result is that the fish gets to fight the strongest part of the rod. Makes sense doesn’t it? Factory rods are mass produced with little if any attention to the spine. How many of you have broken a factory rod while casting or fighting a nice fish? NEXT LEVEL HAS NEVER HAD A ROD BREAK...EVER!

The Grips: Hand shaped cork is hard to find, but for light tackle situations nothing else is better. EVA foam works well on blue water rods, particularly if it is shaped to fit the fisherman’s hand. Regardless of material grips needs to be the right length and shaped properly. Only a custom rod maker will do this.

Reel Seat: Only quality will work here. The right size for the hand and the right material for the situation are essential to overall fishing enjoyment. Graphite, wood, cork, or metal-the choice is yours.

Guides: Guides are possibly the most important component of any rod. They guide the fishing line along the rod for casting and for fish fighting. There are several different types of guides: roller, stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, and silicon carbide (SIC). The choice is yours.

Cosmetics: Your favorite colors of thread and your name on a rod or a set of matching rods adds a truly "custom" touch to any custom fishing rod.


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